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Learn How To:

1. Custom keyword your resume.

2. Build a successful LinkedIn business profile.

3. Job Interview Skills.
4. Learn how to use job search engines.
5. Learn how to network online and in person.

Create a Successful Career!

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Market Your Skills

  Learning how to market your job skills will make a big difference in getting the best jobs and a successful career.

Custom Keyword Your Resume

  Sending out resumes is not as effective as sending out custom keyworded resumes. 

  Learning how to custom keyword your resume is very important. It is a great way to increase the response to your resume.

  Once you know the secret it is simple and easy to do.

professional linkedin business profile

  Your LinkedIn profile is where you can tell all about your professional skills and why you should be hired. It goes way beyond your resume.

  This is where companies go to look for new employees and to check out job applicants.

  We show you how to set up a professional looking LinkedIn Profile.

Job Interview Skills

  Learning how to interview well can help you get a great job to advance your career.

  We help you learn the interview skills that will give you confidence in your interviews.


  You can get up to the minute job postings if you know how to search for jobs online.

  You can apply online with a custom keyworded resume quickly and easily once you know how.

  Searching for jobs online can also help you know where to go with your in person searches.


  Studies show that 80% of jobs are gotten from having somebody recommend you.

  We show you strategies and teach you skills to network online and in person.

  Volunteering in your community is a great way to network and help out at the same time.

Your First Interview is Online 

  You must pass the online interview before you get an in person interview. Hiring managers check job applicants out online before inviting them to interview in person. Having a great LinkedIn profile with a great business headshot makes a difference.

  “The skills you need to do a job are different than the skills you need to get a job.
Sometimes you need coaching to help you get where you want to go.”

Get A Great Job

  If you are looking for a job or a better job learning how to market your job skills online is very important. Learning how to custom keyword your resume, create a great LinkedIn profile, take a great headshot, use job search websites online and network will make a big difference in your job search.

Build or Change Your Career

  If you want to build a successful career learning how to market your skills online is very important. If you want to change careers it is even more important. Selling a hiring manager on you online before you meet in person makes it much easier.

Give Workshop to Family & Friends

  If you have family members or friends who need a job you can give them this workshop as a gift.

  We have a gift version of this workshop where we send you an email with a download link for the workshop in it that you can forward to the person you are giving it to.

  This is a great way to help your parents or children and other family members as well as close friends who are looking for a job. Using Coupon Code: Gift for $49. and some effort you can help them get a job that will pay them tens of thousands of dollars a year.

  Help Them and You: You may also want to buy the workshop for yourself to be able to help them put together their LinkedIn profile, custom keyword their resume, and search for jobs. Helping them can help your career as well as theirs. For a limited time you can use the Coupon Code: Gift for their workshop as well as yours making them only $49. each.

Schools & Companies

  For schools this workshop can help your students get jobs after they graduate for better job placement numbers. For companies this workshop can help your employees that are laid off get jobs sooner which helps reduce unemployment costs. Click on Contact in the menu to talk with us.

One on One Career Coaching

  If you would like coaching to help you set up your career marketing strategy we offer one on one personal coaching as well. Click Contact in the menu to customize a coaching program for you.

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5Titles 970 7

Coupon Codes: Career & Gift

The retail price for the workshop is $249. and we currently have it on sale for $129. To help people out during the economic recovery we are offering coupon codes for an additional discount. This is for a limited time.

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If you would like to send this workshop to help someone you know you can use the Coupon Code: Gift to get the workshop for only $49.


  Once you get a job and get your feet back on the ground we would ask you to consider using the money that you saved with the coupon code to help someone else who is in need.

  It could be a bag of groceries, donation to a food bank, donating your time to help someone, a smile, a word of encouragement or however you choose to give. Sometimes a little can mean a lot.

Learn the Job Search & Career Skills You Need

Use Coupon Code: CAREER only $69.
Use Coupon Code: GIFT only $49.

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